3 Things I Learnt From A 2,200km Roadtrip

What I Learnt From A 2,200km Road Trip

It’s funny what a change of scenery can do for a person’s motivation levels.

The last three days for me have been pretty intense. 7 hour days in the car, bad singing, strange podcasts, and crappy motel rooms.

Yup, I’ve been on a road trip. Kind of a mini holiday. But would you believe that I’ve been more productive during the holiday than I usually am when I’m hard at work?

Neither would I. But it’s true. The change of pace has been amazing for me! And I’ve accomplished things I certainly didn’t expect to.

But I’ve come to realise that this kind of change is not only good for a bit of a break, it’s also awesome for getting sh*t done!

With a change of scenery, you change your thinking

Over the last few days, I have come up with 3 new ideas for services we can offer, a creative new way to integrate videos into my students learning, and ideas for half a dozen blog posts. These are all things that NEVER would have happened sitting and working at my desk – despite the fact that I constantly try!

A change of scenery and routine will give you the opportunity for your mind to wander. And a wandering mind is a very creative one. If you’re struggling to find a good way to study or having a hard time nailing a concept, try taking yourself somewhere new one afternoon and just see what happens!

If you struggle to balance your study with a little bit of life, check out this article: Study-Life Balance In Year 12

One person to talk to is better than a thousand ideas on paper

I took the trip with my wife Emma, and throughout most of the trip, we talked about everything. Especially work. Now, Emma is my polar opposite – she doesn’t enjoy Maths, is creative rather than analytical, and has a completely different outlook on work, business, and everything in between.

Which is AMAZING.

Every idea I bounce off her, she has a creative spin to either make it better or show me where the flaws are. These are insights that I would never think of myself. By having someone to share ideas with, I’ve been able to refine them and plan them at a speed that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible.

Studying is no different – by finding someone you can share and bounce ideas off, you’re able to develop your skills at a rate that you wouldn’t have dreamed of otherwise.

Starting early means finishing early

This is pretty much true of everything. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. And that’s ALWAYS a relief.

For us, it was all about getting on the road at 6.00am so we could call it a day at 2.00pm.

But the same is true of projects, assignments, or just your work day in general. There is no feeling quite like getting to mid-afternoon and knowing that you are done for the day. Especially without feeling guilty about not getting enough done!

I got more done in three days than I normally do in a week. And learned a whole lot of stuff that I’ll be taking back into my work as soon as I get started again. 

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