VIDEO: 5 Things To Remember When Putting Your Methods Summary Book Together

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1. Don’t Overload It

Try to only include content that you actually NEED in your summary book – not just the entire contents of the textbook!

2. Include Calculator Instructions

The CAS can be a pretty huge cause for concern in exams… so take the stress off by leaving yourself reminders on how to perform any actions that you might otherwise struggle with.

3. Contents Page

This is something for you to keep in mind as you near the end of the year. A simple contents page can save you precious minutes in your exams by allowing to rapidly find the topics you need.

4. Go Easy On The Worked Examples

One worked example is great. 4 worked examples is a waste of space. This comes back to the first point of not overloading your book.

5. Don’t Put Stuff From Exam 1 In There

You don’t get a summary book in Exam 1. Which means you need to know it off by heart and it would be a waste of time and space to put it into your summary book.


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