Simply Maths is a small team of confident, passionate tutors that all share the desire to pass on not only their knowledge but their experiences and passion for Maths as well.

Tutoring is about more than teaching content. It’s about building confidence, skills and problem-solving skills that contribute to life far beyond school

What We Do

Simply Maths Tutoring specialises in one on one, at home and online tutoring for Maths students of all levels. We can come to your own home, and perform tuition services for all Maths subjects in a primary or secondary school level. Or, we can meet you in our virtual classroom and provide the same support with no matter where you are. We are flexible and can work together with you to find a time that will suit your individual needs, with a simple straight forward hourly rate. There are no booking fees, contracts, minimum terms, or any other hidden fees.

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We’re always growing!

We are also looking into new ways to provide quality help to students from even more areas in even more ways. With new resources such as video courses and exams under production, we are highly committed to giving every student the chance to thrive! We are always excited to pursue new opportunities and avenues to provide a great experience for students and parents alike!

Our Mission

Mathematics is an important part of each and every student’s education. And, by extension, their career options and potential as well.

Simply Maths is focused on helping to guide students through all aspects of Mathematics. Not simply the theory and content taught in class, but the applications as well. By learning the real life uses and purpose of Mathematics, students develop an understanding and even passion for the subject.

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