Big things are coming…

Well, this is so exciting! I’m not even sure where to start, what with all the exciting stuff that is to come.

I’ve just finished putting together a 90-day-plan for all the things I have planned for Simply Maths over the next, well, 90 days.

And I gotta say, the list is pretty damn exciting. There’s a lot going on here in the next 12 weeks, so I thought I would share some of the most interesting things that are up and coming.

Practice Question Workbook

This one has been highly requested. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be going hard at work building out a workbook. And this workbook will be chock full of practice question to help Year 12 students make the most of their time. The book will contain ONLY relevant practice questions for students in VCE Maths Methods. This is tying in with the current online program Making Sense Of Methods. With any luck, a similar book and program for Further will hopefully be out later this year.

Flash Cards

Something new, right? Flash cards are a great, easy way to learn ideas quickly. Not only that, but they are a fantastic resource for those content topics that should come naturally to students as they work. In Maths, isn’t a huge list of topics that should be memorised. But the ones that do are incredibly important.

These flash cards are going to help with that.

They will come organised by topic and will help solidify some of the more commonly used techniques found in Maths.

Maths Methods Textbook

Ohhh, this one is a big one.

Anyone who has had a chance to speak to me personally knows how I feel about textbooks.

They’re huge. They’re complicated. And they quite often have a huge amount of irrelevant content.

Which is why I’ve decided to write my own. It will cover only the necessary topics and information, but it will also include a section detailing why different aspects of Maths are important.

This will obviously take a lot of time to get into the world. But the bulk of the content is being written over the next few weeks.

This textbook is going to be one of the most exciting new additions to the growing list of resources from Simply Maths. For now, the tentative title (which may change) is: The What, The How, And The Why Of VCE Maths Methods.

School Based Workshops

We’ve run plenty of workshops privately in the past covering a range of topics for VCE students in Maths. But this will be the first time we’ve taken these workshops to your actual school.

This is an exciting step and it means that we will potentially be able to works with hundreds (or even thousands) more VCE students to help them achieve the best results they can.

Practice Exams

Last but not least, some new practice exams will be released around mid to late July to give students an extra leg up with their studies.

Wow, that’s a lot.

I’ve got a busy 3 months ahead of me. But there is going to be a slew of new resources for students across the state (and country) in the coming months, so get ready!

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