Why? Because I Said So!

Want to know the best question a student can ask in Maths? Or, anywhere, in my humble opinion. A single word, that opens up a world of potential. A word that inspires curiosity, arguably the most important trait in any budding Mathematician or Scientist. “Why?” It is the very definition

Well, another month down already! It’s a little frightening just how fast this year is going. I swear yesterday it was New Year’s Day…. And yet, somehow we’re already well into Term 2! Go figure…. As with every month, we have

How to Spot a Troublesome Teacher

Unfortunately, the frustrating truth of the school system is that not all teachers are fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, many teachers are outstanding. They are both passionate and patient, taking the time for each and every one of their students. But for every teacher who loves their job, there is

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In the past few weeks, as I’ve worked with quite a few Methods students, circular function equations have frequently popped up as an issue. It’s a recurring theme that often tends to cause difficulty, which is why I recently posted a live video lesson to help explain the process more

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Students (much like adults in the working world) are finding that, in this day and age, that simply working hard isn’t paying off the same way that is used to. It doesn’t seem fair, but it is what seems to happen. The real question is, if working hard isn’t doing

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