Do Girls Take Maths More Seriously Than Boys?

To be honest, it’s not something I ever gave a lot of thought to before this morning.

But, over my morning coffee I was having a look at some statistics… (trust me, all us Maths nerds do that)

And something caught my attention…

You see, I run a daily advertisement on Facebook to help VCE Maths Methods students by giving them a free set of summary pages. These pages are simply designed to help students memorise some of the key concepts in Methods; the ones that most commonly trip students up, in fact.

And, when I had a look at the statistics of that ad, there was a pretty big imbalance.

Turns out that the ladies are much more interested in helpful resources than the fellas are…Facebook statistics for boys vs girls who downloaded Maths Methods resources


So then I thought that maybe it was simply because there were more girls enrolled in Maths Methods than boys…


Turns out that, according to the VCE Unit Satisfactory Completion Report For Maths Methods (2016), there were over 9000 male students in Unit 3&4 Methods, compared to around 6800 female students.

VCE Unit Satisfactory Completion Report For Maths Methods, 2016

VCE Unit Satisfactory Completion Report For Maths Methods, 2016

Weird right?

Now, maybe it’s just me. Maybe the numbers are a little off…

But it sure makes you think, doesn’t it?


Do girls really work harder than boys? Or is there something at play here that’s bigger?

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