We’ve found that the best time to start tutoring is in the early years of high school, which is usually when you may start to see them struggle.

Simply put, it’s because that is when school begins to become competitive.

Tutoring isn’t just about the content

Having a tutor is so much more than just learning the curriculum or getting help with homework. It’s about confidence. It’s about supporting a student that otherwise might start to resent Maths, or even school as a whole because they aren’t comfortable with what they have been learning (or trying to learn).

If a student is left to struggle through Maths (or indeed any subject) they will likely develop a dislike for it. And once that dislike sets in, it can be difficult to reignite the love for it.

You should try and get a tutor before a student grows to dislike the subject

This often ends up happening around the ages of 12 to 14.

If you’re wondering how often a student might need a tutor, have a look here

What about even younger than that?

Engaging a tutor too young can actually work backwards in many situations. By enforcing homework extra study outside of school, many students grow to resent the extra time spent in tutoring. This, in turn, develops into a dislike of the subject as a whole, which is exactly the opposite reaction we are looking for.

The biggest problem here is that many students at a younger age are not able to understand that a tutor is actually there to help; all they can see is punishment for “underperforming” in school.

As students grow and mature, they reach a time when they can understand that tutor is for their benefit, not punishment.

That is the ideal time to engage a tutor, as a student will then be open and receptive to the extra “work” that they will be involved in, rather than resentful. At this point, a tutor can work to inspire that love for learning that all children hold within them.

In the long term, that means that a student won’t need a tutor at all; their own passion for learning will drive them to succeed on their own.



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