We are often asked if we can provide a special curriculum for students. The short answer is: no.

While having a set curriculum might sound like a really good idea, it can actually often work in reverse.

Typically, parents should be engaging a tutor as a secondary resource. A teacher is the real first point of educational contact. Simply hiring a tutor does not negate a student’s requirement to participate actively in class.

If we introduce our own curriculum or schedule into the mix, we would completely turn the system on its head. As a tutor, my primary role is simple; to work with a student to help them better understand and develop the skills that are being practised in the classroom. If we introduced a separate curriculum or structure, we would actively be undermining the teacher.

What if I want my child to learn ahead of the curriculum?

If you mean half a chapter or so, a tutor will very happily help to keep your child to keep ahead of the class.

However, we often find that parents are looking for a tutor to help their child leap ahead of the curve. While tutors are ready and willing to help their students with whatever they need, they do not provide their own curriculum.

This means that, if you wish a students to strive forward with the help of a tutor, you as a parent will need to be able to provide the curriculum and resources to facilitate that extra learning.

This could simply mean extra booklets or worksheets. But more likely it will require a specific structure and order of topics that tutors can use.

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