Weekly lessons are a great way to maintain structure, but students often find that extra tutoring in the lead up to tests or exams can be big help.

Many students find that an extra tutoring session can reinforce their skills and memory, as well as improve their confidence in the lead up to a test.

You aren’t locked into your regular bookings

With regular tutoring once or twice a week, it can sometimes feel like you might be locked into a structure where organising extra lessons might be difficult.

But that schedule doesn’t lock you in.

To book extra tutoring, just speak to your tutor.

You are free to organise extra tutoring with your tutor whenever you see fit. All you have to do is have a quick chat with your tutor and organise a time and date that suits you.

Tutors are typically quite flexible and ready to accommodate any changes, wherever they can. However, please remember that tutors plan their week very carefully; while they may want to help wherever they can, sometimes it is simply not an option. Please speak to them as early as possible to allow them to organise their time. They often see multiple students each week, and will do their best to work with ALL their students.

What about invoicing and scheduling?

Tutors use the online scheduling system TeachWorks to let us know about any cancellations or extra lessons. These lessons will simply deduct from your prepaid balance like your normal scheduled lessons. Which just means that you might get your invoice a week earlier. Easy to manage!


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