It’s an important question to ask! As a parent, it’s important to know where this person came from, and should I feel comfortable inviting them into my home? These outline how we go about finding tutors for Simply Maths Tutoring.

Tutors come from all walks of life

Very few people can consider tutoring a full-time job or career. As a result, tutors come from a wide variety of origins. However, most tutors tend to fall into one of two categories.

Uni students studying a Maths or Education related course

Uni students make up a large proportion of tutors. They are young enough to be able to connect with students on a personal level, can provide empathy and insight into school (having only recently been there themselves) and usually become a friend/mentor to a student rather than a teacher.

The small age gap between young students and these tutors often means that a tutor can provide a unique learning experience to the student. This experience comes from a place somewhere between peer and instructor and is often the most successful tutoring partnership.

Industry Professionals who develop an interest/love for teaching

Many people go through several successful career paths before discovering their passion for teaching. This provides a different dynamic yet again that can be beneficial to many students. These tutors are usually slightly older and can provide a more structured environment for a student to learn in.

These tutors are often more suited to students who benefit from a stronger sense of direction and structure in their study, rather than a friendly casual experience.

No matter where they come from, all tutors go through the same process

Every single tutor from Simply Maths Tutoring will always go through an application and interview process, and within that process, we check that tutors possess:

  1. A Working with Children Check (or VIT registration)
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. A strong understanding of the content and curriculum
  4. The ability to plan and structure tutoring sessions

We work hard to make sure we find the best tutors.

Our goal is to make sure that we find tutors who can teach effectively, communicate well with students, and make learning Maths a little more enjoyable for everyone.

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