Getting a tutor is a simple process, as it should be! A tutor should take the stress away, not introduce it!


To make sure the best tutor for the job is enlisted, we need to ask you two sets of questions:

  1. Basic information including contact details, availability etc. and
  2. More personal information that directly related to your student such as “how long have they been struggling?” or “do you know how they like to study?”

The first set of information is obviously important to making sure we can find a tutor near you that has an appropriate availability.

The second set of questions is more focused on matching up personalities and teaching styles. There is nothing more important than making sure a student and a tutor are going to be able to work well together.  These questions aim to ascertain the type of tutor that would be best suited to the student.

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Finding the right tutor

Once we have all this information, we will work to make sure we find a tutor whose availability, teaching style and location match up with the student’s needs. Obviously, this is an important step in making sure that your tutor is going to be a good fit for your student and to make sure there are no hidden complications or concerns.

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There is nothing more important than making sure a student and a tutor are going to be able to work well together



Your tutor is going to be the one looking after all the scheduling directly. Once we’ve found a good match, your new tutor will call you to finalise a time to start your tutoring. Your first tutoring session is totally free, so you can use it as an opportunity to learn more about them and make sure that they will be the right choice for your student.

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Each tutor keeps their online calendar up to date with days and times of each of your tutoring sessions. Simply Maths Tutoring makes use of an online scheduling system called TeachWorks to maintain the calendar and scheduling.  The system will keep track of your tutor’s contact details, your scheduled lessons, as well as your account balance. You  will be able to access the system whenever you want using your own username and password, so keeping track will be a breeze!

You’re on your way!

Getting a tutor is a very straightforward, painless endeavour. We aim to make it as simple as possible; hiring a tutor will remove stress, not add it!

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