Tutoring frequency is a common question among parents who enquire about tutoring for the first time.

Most of the time this question can be answered quite quickly, as you will already have a good idea of how much help your child needs. In general, though, there is a good rule of thumb that can be used as a guideline.

Recommended tutoring frequency

  • 1 hour per week for students up to Year 10
  • 1.5-2 hours per week for students in Years 11 & 12 (VCE)

What if they are a long way behind?

In younger levels, it can be beneficial to increase their tutoring to two hours per week but, in that case, it would be most beneficial to have two separate sessions rather than one two-hour session. This is to make sure that a student is able to stay engaged at focused for the entire time you have the tutor. Any more than this could cause a student to grow to dislike their tutoring time, which ultimately will make the tuition ineffective and a waste of time (and money!)

As students get older, they are able to cope with more tutoring throughout the week. However, moving beyond two hours of tutoring per week is usually discouraged unless the student is in Year 12. This is very simply because Year 12 is normally the only point in a student’s educational life where that much work would be necessary.

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What about less than once a week?

If a student is performing well in school and only requires occasional help, it may be tempting to engage a tutor once a fortnight. However, we have found that this often becomes counterproductive. In cases like this, it is not the content itself but the consistency that ensures a student is performing as well as they can.

Having a tutor visit every week sets the student with a clear and consistent schedule that is easy to adhere to. Once the student is in this routine, keeping up with the school work and homework is always quite straightforward and can help to reinforce the confidence of the student as they work.

Try to stick to a minimum of once a week to make sure that the student is consistent and working diligently every single week.

You may also find it difficult to find a tutor who is able to visit only every other week. This is simply because you would be asking them to book a Tuesday afternoon every second week, which means they earn half as much. The chances of them booking a student on the alternate Tuesday are quite low, so most tutors avoid these booking altogether.

How can I tell if my child needs more?

Your tutor is definitely the best resource to answer that question. After working with a student for even a few weeks, your tutor will have a HUGE amount of insight into how everything is going, where your child is struggling and how best to help them move forwards.

They will be able to advise you if the student is working well or if they need more help.

Remember, the best tutors are there because they love what they do. If a tutor feels like they would be wasting time trying to load up on more hours with a student, they will let you know. It’s not in their best interest to give your child more (or less) tutoring than they need.

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