Your tutor is the best person to talk to about your tutoring schedule

Anything involving booking extra lessons or alternatively cancelling sessions should be discussed with your tutor directly.

Every tutor handles their own schedule and organising. Tutors are independently organised, and we have very little to do with that process. This means that, if you need to organise extra lessons, rescheduling or cancellation, your tutor will definitely be able to organise it for you.

They can also help with advising you on how much tutoring your student might need. But if you need a bit more information, just click here

How do I get in touch with my tutor?

It’s always best to try and get their phone number when you meet your tutor. That way, you can get in touch with them on short notice in case of any emergency.

If you have lost your tutors contact details, you can find them by logging into TeachWorks at using the username and password that were sent to you when you first signed up with Simply Maths Tutoring. If you have lost these details, please email me and I can reset them for you!

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