Simply Maths Tutoring has a range of resources available for students, parents, and tutors to take advantage of. Scroll down the page to check out what’s available!


PDF Guide: 7 Things You Need To Think About Before Getting A Tutor

This free guide is a great tool for parents who are considering getting a tutor for their child. Whether you choose to enlist the help of Simply Maths or not, this easy to understand guide and checklist will make sure you ask all the right questions before committing to your tutor.

Download the free PDF guide here


Poster: When To Use Plus/Minus/Multiply/Divide (An Easy Guide For Primary School Students)

We have found that, while many students excel at performing the basic operations, it is not uncommon for students to miss the point of WHY they might use these crucial operations. This easy poster outlines the most common scenarios that require the use of these essential Maths tools.

Read the article and download the free poster

Spreadsheet: Easy Percentage Calculator

Even as an adult, calculating percentages can be a bit of a struggle. This easy to use calculator can perform the most common calculations for you – download it onto your work computer and never stress about tricky calculations again!

Read guide and download calculator

Checklist: Methods Past Exam Guide

With the curriculum change at the beginning of 2016, many students now struggle to use past exams as effective study tools. This easy to use guide can show you which questions to attempt, and which ones you can skip under the new syllabus. A must have for Units 3&4 Methods students!

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