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In the past few weeks, as I’ve worked with quite a few Methods students, circular function equations have frequently popped up as an issue.

It’s a recurring theme that often tends to cause difficulty, which is why I recently posted a live video lesson to help explain the process more clearly.

This is the method I use to confidently tackle every question of this sort. It’s a little lengthy sometimes, but it always pays off.

Why such a convoluted method?

The reason this methods is so lengthy is simple – most students learn 2-3 methods for dealing with these questions to help the tackle all scenarios, which is tedious at best.

This method a single series of steps.  Steps that will work without fail for any question, no matter how simple or complex. Which means that students ultimately save time.

Without having to commit multiple processes to memory, life gets easier. It is far easier for students to work through a series of steps without aid.

Want more questions like this?

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