Maths made me better at Karate

Maths made me better at Karate

I have been studying Karate for about almost seven years now, and I can honestly say that Maths has made me better at Karate.

It sounds absurd, but it’s completely true.

Karate, along with dozens of other sports, can be broken down into simple concepts of Maths and Physics. And if you can understand (even partially) those concepts, your own talents can improve dramatically.

In my specific case, it all comes down to the techniques.

I practice a style called Wado-Ryu, which is known for favouring technical aspects and body weight over raw power or muscle.

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Long story short, Karate is based on physics


Which actually makes it SO much easier to understand if you can see those concepts. Simple ideas like how your weight is distributed between your feet in certain stances, or why you need to be grounded a certain way when kicking, or getting four times the power out of a punch; all of these stem from the Maths. And the day I realised all of that, my karate improved ten-fold.

Don’t believe me? Check this out

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This guy doesn’t practice a style even remotely close to mine, but the concepts don’t change!

It’s not just karate that relies on Maths

Nearly every sport can be improved with a little understanding. Kinetic Energy, for example, is used in nearly every single sport. Balance plays a crucial role in most sports too. Even a slight investigation into some of these properties yields some interesting results. For example, did you know you move faster when your muscles are relaxed? Tensing up can actually slow you down. In karate this is particularly important, but in general you probably want to be moving as fast as you can in any sport!

What other applications could Maths have?

Maths has applications in sports, art, literature (yup, Shakespeare used Maths! Check out Iambic Pentameter if you don’t believe me)

Can you think of how it might apply in other worldly applications? Once you discover something, you can dive deeper to improve how you perform.

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