Online Courses May Be The Way Of Future

Online Courses

Throughout school, many students struggle with the linear learning system.

It’s a system that is hundreds (if not thousands) of years old. It hasn’t changed since the beginning of education.

The system is a straightforward process. A single teacher works with a group of 20-30 students and does their absolute best to pass on knowledge. But dealing with a group of 20 or 30 students and attempting to teach them all, in the same way, has a history of not working.

If there is one thing we have learned throughout the evolution of education, it is that no two students learn in the same way.

But when we put a large number of students in a classroom with a single teacher, we inherently expect students to conform their style of learning to whatever method the teacher employs.

It’s been the same way for hundreds of years. But here’s the real question…

“Why haven’t our methods evolved in the same way that technology has?”

They certainly should have. As the years have gone on, almost every aspect of our lives has evolved. Technology, transportation, communication, employment, and even the homes we live in have changed. But education hasn’t.

Online learning is a way forward from the current, broken system. It takes the content we teach and creates new, exciting ways to pass knowledge onto young students.

It takes the resources at our disposal and uses them to expand beyond the confines of the linear learning system.

Resources like videos, digital worksheets, and online social groups.

Resources that allow students to work in whatever manner suits them best. Some students learn from the first explanation, others from the tenth.

Some students learn from seeing, others from hearing. Others from practising.

Online Courses allow students to tap into their own strength and use them to learn and reinforce their understanding, in their own time, their own comfort, and their own style.

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