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Free Icebreaker Meeting

Even though online tutoring is a little less daunting than meeting in person, finding the right tutor for the right student is incredibly important. Which is why your first tutoring session is a free “icebreaker” session.

This give you a chance to get to know your tutor and gives you tutor a chance to get to know you! Tutors get the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their new student without the pressure of having to get through a set amount of content in an hour.


Online tutoring is invoiced once per month, the same as tutoring in person. After your free icebreaker session, we will give you a call to see how it went. If you are happy with your tutor, we will send you your first invoice for five weeks of tutoring. This would be equivalent to 5 hours if you have chosen to have tutoring once per week, 10 hours if you’ve chosen two hours per week, etc.

Invoices are sent via email around the same time each month. Your first invoice will be for a full month. After that, all subsequent invoices work like a “top up” to get you back up to 5 weeks worth of tutoring.

Example: Christian pays for 5 tutoring sessions after his icebreaker meeting. In the month following, he has 4 tutoring sessions. Christian’s next invoice will be for 4 tutoring session to bring his prepaid balance back up to 5. 

This means that all online tutoring is prepaid, which ensures that tutors are always paid on time for their tutoring service.

Payment Options

Payment can be arranged in three ways:

  • Credit card securely processed by Stripe
  • Direct transfer
  • Automatic direct debit

Details for the first two payment methods are included on your invoice. If instead you choose to set up automatic direct debit, simply give us a call.


Tutoring costs are calculated based on an hourly rate, as shown below

[table id=2 /]


We have a 24 hours cancellation policy on tutoring sessions. As a result, if you choose to cancel your tutoring with less than 24 hours notice (excluding medical reasons), that lesson will be charged at the standard rate. Any lessons with more than 24 hours notice will not affect your balance.

This cancellation charge is at the discretion of your tutor. If you have any questions, it is important to speak to your tutor directly. You are also welcome to call or email us at any time with any questions or concerns.

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