Planning Works!

If you saw last week’s blog post, you know that I recently put together a 90-day plan for myself.

I sat down, wrote down a bunch of projects and set time frames for all of them. Then I went one step further and planned out the next 3 months on a day by day basis.

And the results, two weeks in?


I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten done. The first project was finished two days early, and I’m fitting more into my day and getting quality stuff done. And although I’m planning out projects, this exact same method can easily be used to supercharge your study. Here are some ideas about how to use some simple planning to really kick ass!

Start with the end in mind

The first thing I did was figure out what my end result looked like. I wrote down a list of projects and then laid them out with approximate time frames.

Now, in studying, you likely don’t have projects. But what you do have is milestones. Chapters or modules to have completed, notes to have organised, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

If you want to aim to build out a plan, think up 2-3 goals per subject, and start laying out how long it will take you.

Think big

Here’s a secret.

You know all those people who say “if you don’t try, you can’t fail”?

Those people fail. 

Don’t set mediocre goals for yourself that you can easily achieve. Challenge yourself. Trust me. You’ll achieve more than you thought possible if only so you can cross it off your list.

Thinking big is good. Thinking monstrous is silly

Now, I know what I just said. But don’t take to what I fondly refer to as a P.O.S. (point of stupid).

If you set challenging goals, you will be rewarded daily when you achieve them. But if you set impossible goals, you’ll quickly to one of two things

  • Burn out trying to get everything done OR;
  • Fall behind and lose all motivation.

Neither is a good option. Set goals and make them achievable.

Bonus Tip: Make yourself a plan on paper

There is nothing better than being able to physically cross a day off your calendar, having achieved what you set out to do.  I actually laid out a calendar using a template in Microsoft Powerpoint so that I could print it up and stick it above my desk. Definitely recommend that!

You can download my 90 day plan below and see how I laid it out. Then, edit it and make it your own! Enjoy!



Download 90 Day Plan Template

Download my exact plan and see how I put it together. Then, make it your own! (Microsoft Powerpoint file)

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