Online tutoring comes with a host of advantages, but it’s important that we can make sure that students have the best experience. This is why we make sure that the technology won’t let us down.

For quality tutoring, it is important that students have access to the following resources.

A reliable internet connection

This is the most obvious. Fortunately, the connection does not have to be lightning fast, simply reliable. A standard broadband connection is sufficient for most online tutoring. If possible, plug your device directly into the router rather than relying upon Wi-Fi, as this is more stable.

A device with a webcam

Again, there is no need to go out and buy a stunning HD camera. The built-in camera on most laptops or tablets is perfectly fine.

Touch input (recommended)

A device with touch or pen input is a great tool to have for online tutoring, as it allows both the student and the tutor to write notes, formulas and steps down live so that the other party may see.

Digital copy of school textbook

Most school textbooks come with a digital license. By installing this simple PDF file on your device, tutors will be able to view and see the textbook on the student’s screen and discuss questions, annotate and teach effectively.

Headset with microphone (recommended)

The built-in speaker and microphone on most laptops will likely be fine, but a headset provides much clearer sound for easy communication. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy!

TIP: Try using the handsfree earphone set that comes with your smartphone.

An enthusiastic student!

We can provide the tutor, but we need the student to help out as well! Online tutoring relies upon the student being more driven and ready to learn. Without a student who is keen to progress and learn, tutoring, in general, doesn’t work so well!

You’re good to go!

That’s pretty much all you need!

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