Why You Should Definitely Consider Tutoring As A Part Time Job!

Why You Should Definitely Consider Tutoring As A Part Time job

After finishing high school, it’s a time to celebrate! Exams are over, Uni and College courses are enrolled, and the future is looking damn exciting!

It’s one of the biggest changes of your life, and it deserves the proper attention and celebration! Most of you will be going from the day-in-day-out attendance of high school to the brand new experience of University; which comes with more time, more interest in your study, and, most importantly, much more independence. 

There are going to be a bunch of changes happening in your life. One of those changes will probably be the fact that you will likely want to find some part time work to fund your brand new lifestyle! Even if you already have a part time job, you may be looking at other options now that you will have a changing timetable and more flexibility, as well as your all exciting driver’s licence!

There are a huge number of options: retail shops, hospitality and cafes, bar work, labourer work… 

The list goes on!

But one that can often go forgotten is tutoring. Which is a shame, because it’s kind of a perfect job for Uni students! Many students don’t realise that they can take all that hard work they put into their schooling time and channel it into a rewarding job with some amazing perks.

Here are just some of the reasons why tutoring might be the perfect new role for you!


Tutors have a unique flexibility that is simply not present in most other roles. And I’m not just talking about most other roles that you can do while studying. Even in the professional “post-degree” world, very few jobs give you the freedom to choose EXACTLY which hours you work.

Working with your students comes down to what time slots you want to offer.

Got basketball practice on Tuesdays? Cool, just don’t book students in.

Got a part time bar-keeping job on Friday nights? Awesome, just don’t offer that slot to anyone.

Love your lazy Sunday sleep in? Never get up early after your Saturday night adventures again!

It’s truly the crown jewel of why Uni students love tutoring, but it’s definitely not the only perk.

Pay rates

Tutoring is typically quite well paid per hour among jobs available to students under 21, or most hourly rate jobs in general.

Typically speaking, I found I was making the same from 6-7 hours of tutoring as I was from around 10 hours of work as a car detailer. And I was enjoying it more, wasn’t dirty at the end of the day, and not as exhausted either.

Better yet, if you choose to tutor privately instead of through an agency, you can set your own prices! You’ll have to build the reputation and skills in order to justify higher prices, but it’s definitely worth the work!

It’s rewarding work

Working with students and watching them grow and progress is incredibly rewarding. You get the chance to see your students develop before your eyes, and you also have the satisfaction of knowing you helped to ease a student’s stress; which is much more important as you can probably remember that same stress all too well!

It’s a great feeling to know you are making a difference to your students – a lot more than you would be making lattes, for sure!

You’re your own boss

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of no longer being told exactly what to study, exactly where to be, and exactly how to do things.

That freedom from the school environment is an incredible feeling.

If you choose to take on tutoring, you can expand that freedom to your job as well. As a tutor, it’s up to you to organise everything.  Your own schedule, your own lesson plans, and your own style of teaching.

Tutoring is a fantastic way to develop your own style of communication and teaching. But it also rewards your independence and initiative in your job. When you go the extra mile for your students, it’s you (not the place you work for) that gets the credit and recognition.

Your hard study for your exams wasn’t a waste!

Especially if you can take what you’ve spent the last few years studying, and use it to help others!

It’s not just your knack for Maths or penchant for English literature that will be helpful as a tutor. It’s your experience in studying yourself; your memories of your own stresses and struggles, and how they shaped you as a student.

All of those experiences can be redirected to make you a phenomenal tutor; one who not only has a strong grip on the content but who also understands their students and has the experience to help them through the most stressful of times.

It’s an amazing job, and it’s so easy to get started!

You can get started in one of two ways. You can either join an agency exactly like Simply Maths, or you can start out on your own.

Most people join an agency, because they see it as easier. But I’ll let you in on a secret.

You’ll make a lot more working privately, and it’s nowhere near as hard as you think to get yourself set up. You can even start your own small business with very little outlay.

Interested in how? I get questions often about how I started my own tutoring business so easily, so I decided to put together this handy guide to show others just how straight-forward it can be. And you can get it free!

Download my FREE Ebook to see how you can get started!

How I Started A Tutoring Business At 20 Without Breaking My Pitiful Student Budget

This guide will give you the simple steps I used to get myself set up and working with students. I had my first student within a week of getting organised!

Now, don’t get me wrong – this guide won’t build you a tutoring empire. It’s here to take you from the very start. It will help you get everything in place so that you can start to grow as a tutor. Everything in this guide will apply whether you want to run a one-person tutoring show or build up to an educational giant. NO matter how big you want to get, the first few steps are the same. And you can have everything in place in the space of a week, no problem!

The best part is you don’t need a lot of money to get started! This guide shows you how to get yourself organised for the absolute minimum, which is basically the cost of your Working With Children Check.

But, if you have a little bit more to spend on a few bit and pieces, it will definitely help! I’ll show you some of the best places to put some extra dollars to speed up the process and get you going quicker.

How I Started A Tutoring Business At 20 Without Breaking My Pitiful Student Budget

So What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do is download the guide to get started! You don’t even have to wait until you’ve finished your school year yourself! Most of these steps can be done in preparation beforehand. That way, when you are ready to start taking on students you aren’t held back by all the fiddly stuff.

Let’s fill the world with some awesome tutors!